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The Bumper without Color (#52153-35900), an essential component in the Rear Bumper without Color (#52153-35900) & Bumper without Color (#52153-35900) Stay system of Toyota vehicles, serves a significant role in improving safety. Primarily, it absorbs impact and reduces damage in case of a collision. The Bumper without Color (#52153-35900) accomplishes this through its durable materials and sophisticated engineering design. Over time, however, this part can wear down or become damaged, impairing its function. A worn-out or broken Bumper without Color (#52153-35900) won't absorb impact efficiently, escalating the risk of costly damage to other parts of the vehicle or even its passengers. To maintain optimal vehicle performance and safety, it is critical to replace this part when needed. Genuine Toyota parts enhance compatibility and are supported by Toyota's genuine parts warranty, delivering peace of mind for every driver. In summary, a functional Bumper without Color (#52153-35900) is essential to the overall safety and efficiency of the vehicle.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Previous Version(s) 52153-35130-B0;52153-35130-C0;52153-35130-A0;52153-35130-B1;52153-35130-F0;52153-35130-J1;52153-35130-J0;52153-35130-D0 More
Part Number 52153-35900

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