Front Bumper Bracket #1 Left Hand

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The Front Bumper Bracket #1 Left Hand (#52136-21020), a critical component in Toyota's headlamp system, holds the bumper and headlamp in place. The bracket is crucial in keeping these parts secure during the vehicle's operation, ensuring proper alignment of the headlamp for optimum visibility. Genuine Toyota Front Bumper Bracket #1 Left Hand (#52136-21020)s, backed by Toyota's genuine parts warranty, offer compatibility with diverse Toyota models. With time, brackets can wear, break, or become deformed, disrupting the alignment of the bumper and headlamp. This misalignment can lead to reduced lighting efficiency and potential safety hazards. Therefore, replacement of older or damaged brackets is advised. In summary, the Front Bumper Bracket #1 Left Hand (#52136-21020) is vital for both the system's efficient functioning and the safety of the vehicle. It stabilizes key components, contributing to accurate and effective headlamp operation.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Part Number 52136-21020

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